For over twenty years, RAMP has initiated and collaborated creatively in order to involve artists and the arts in community revitalization. RAMP is committed to integrating the arts in the long-term sustainability of the community by creating effective partnerships that initiate and support: Accessibility, Affordable housing, Artist Town Meetings, Public Art Initiatives, and Policy Making.

RAMP strives to: make art accessible for all, promote affordable housing for artists, organize town meetings, act as fiscal agent for start-up art groups, maintain an open door policy to share ideas and offer support, and identify and create venues for public art.

Perhaps you have your own ideas that you would like to see put into action. Whether you are a doer, a contributor, a supporter, a visitor, or just an observer, it’s hard to deny that…art makes a difference! Sign up to be on our RAMP Google Group (below) to be informed of all the latest happenings, from community events to artist announcements.     –Robert McBride, Founding Director