Vermeer and Music: The Art of Love and Leisure

RAMParts Presents, in partnership with Exhibition on Screen, brings ‘Vermeer and Music: The Art of Love and Leisure’ to the Bellows Falls Opera House on Thursday, August 24, 7pm.   The 90-minute feature was filmed in London, New York, Washington DC, Amsterdam, the Hague and Delft, and guides the viewer through Vermeer’s life story.

The National Gallery of London offers a fresh look at arguably one of the greatest artists of all time, painter of the famous Girl with a Pearl Earring.  In their exhibition entitled ‘Vermeer and Music: The Art of Love and Leisure,’ music is featured as one of the most popular themes of Dutch painting.  This subject reveals an enormous amount about Vermeer, who died in 1675 at age 43.

A moderately successful Dutch painter known for his domestic interior scenes of middle-class life, which he painted in two rooms from his small home in Delft, a city in the Netherlands, Vermeer worked deliberately with attention to every detail.  He frequently used very expensive pigments which he could ill afford.  Vermeer’s status as a painter was rediscovered in the 19th century when he was noted as a master painter of the Dutch Golden Age (17th century) alongside Rembrandt.