The Rockingham Arts and Museum Project (RAMP) is located in southeastern Vermont along the Connecticut River in the village of Bellows Falls, one of the five villages that comprise the township of Rockingham.

RAMP is a missionary for the arts in the region. Through projects and partnerships, RAMP strives to:

  1. Develop awareness of the arts;
  2. Create vitality in the community with the arts; and
  3. Demonstrate that the arts can favorably impact the local economy.

Since 1995, RAMP has furthered this mission by planting a variety of seeds that are taking root and sprouting in the community. It’s exciting to see people making a commitment to their community and the difference each person can make. RAMP looks forward to the future–working together on a range of projects.

There are no plateaus. RAMP’s approach to revitalization and sustainability blends listening and action, always guided with creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

In the world of business: creativity = entrepreneurship

In a developer’s world: creativity = vitality

It is all the same language with a common goal: building a healthy, vibrant community.