Exner Block

Anne Y

Anne Y
Opening: Friday, June 15th

Anne Y a resident artist at the Exner Block, will open the series with her first solo show entitled "Inscapes" on June 15th, to coincide with Bellow's Falls' third Friday Artwalk. Mark your calendar for magic. Anne's work is a watercolor window to whimsy, a place where the imagination can play. Anne Y's integration of lyrical color with abstract compositions yields a softly illuminated landscape, one that is nuanced with vibrant bursts of color and slightly recognizable forms. One can travel into her compositions as they allow for openness in thought, a refreshing element to any artwork. Anne begins with blank paper guided by process and a devotion to beauty. Her thematic strength lives in her mature understanding of color, the ways in which one can create harmony or dissonance through the application of two or more hues. Anne's pieces are universally beautiful in their sense of effervescent color. They light up a room while emoting a quiet repose.

Photographs of Inscapes:





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