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Jonathan Potter



A Little About Me and My Connection to Music

Playing music has been a preoccupation with me for thirty-five years. I started out on flute at the Hartt School of Music with an original member of the Glen Miller Air Force Orchestra and also a member of the Harftord Symphony. After moving to Vermont to attend Marlboro College, I studied with Kimi Hasegawa and was told I had to start all over again and practice more. Years went by and I wound up in Manhattan where I lived for 13 years. While on that island I studied alto sax with John Purcell and Lee Konitz. I also worked as a doorman/manager at Sweet Basil's and the Blue Note and hung out with people like Illinois Jaquet, Junior Cook and Sun Ra and also met Michael Brecker and Dexter Gordon among others. It was in NYC that I was 3exposed to live music on a regular basis and began to play in bands usually for no money. Because of wanderlust, I moved to Mexico City where I had my own band and played in the Zona Rose, as schools and private parties. In addition, I taught music at prep schools and the University of the Americas in Choula, Mexico. I gave private lessons all over the place. I think I taught maybe one hundred Mexicans to play the saxophone. There were many great musicians and opportunities to play in Mexico and I really enjoyed the place, however, for many reasons I had to return to the USA and I have been studying for nearly three years with Scott Mullet and even occasionally playing out. Music is an endless preoccupation with me and still I don't know whay.

Jonathan practicing in his studio


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