Exner Block

Kerry Lucier and Kate Gorman

Kerry Lucier and Kate Gorman
Feeling Shapes & Hearing Colors
Opening: Friday, July 20th, 5:30pm - 8:30pm (Meet the Artists)

Rockingham Arts and Museum Project (RAMP) and artists living at the Exner Block have organized a seven month exhibition series featuring solo and group shows. This month's show will feature a two-person show entitled "Feeling Shapes and Hearing Colors" Kerry Lucier and Kate Gorman, Exner Block residents, relocated from Connecticut about a year ago. Their studio within this artists community is filled with cans of latex paint, the medium of choice for these two artists. The use of color contrasts found in Kerry's work is an expression of the energy he feels in nature, dreams and his interactions with people. He believes that the need to create is inherent in all people and, is life sustaining. Some of the works are masked so that the fluidity of the latex paint takes shape, often set up on an acrylic background.

Kate believes that art is an experience in co-creation with the universe, an exploration of soul and a link to the expansion of consciousness. Water is an integral part of her work with latex and though it's used with intention, it moves and dictates what the painting wants to be. Many of the paintings are images over images, creating texture, depths and backgrounds. Some of the small works on canvas, created with latex paint and oil pen are shapes and symbols that arise free from thought, as a connection to ancient and tribal knowing. Don't miss this Opening on Friday, July 20th, 5:00-8:00 pm, coinciding with Bellows Falls Third Friday ARTWALK, at The Exner Block, 7 Canal Street, Bellows Falls, VT 05101. Come feel the music of color and the emotion of shape.

Purple Moon in a Pink Mind, Kate Gorman

Celestial Gazelle, Kerry Lucier

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