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Gretchen's Wall | Portraiture and Still Life by Gretchen Schmid

As the chill of fall begins to descend upon our northern hamlet, The Exner Gallery located in Bellows Falls, VT is preparing to install a heart warming exhibition of Gretchen's Schmid's newest oil paintings entitled Gretchen's Wall. This self directed body of work interprets the essence of her subjects with a refreshing application of insight and sterling technique. It is clear that Schmid is committed to representation. The realist tradition that incorporates the skills of anatomy, drawing, color theory, perspective, value and temperature as can be found in the historic paintings of John Singer Sargent are key to the realization of her work. Schmid center is based in realism which she enhances with atmospheric beauty. Her sensitive perception of the world that surrounds her enlivens the conditions for her subject matter. She accomplishes this gentle narration through the application of complimentary colors and broad layered strokes which lightly blends the edges of her subject with its environment.

Schmid has been painting seriously for 29 years. She worked alongside her father, a recognized painter, during her formative years. It was here that she developed a dedicated work ethic that honors skill, striving for perfection, playing with color, and taking the time to get it right. In seeing this work, one can garner the patience, care and beauty with which Schmid handles her artistic process. She is represented solely by Littlehouse Gallery and commissions can be established through her art agent Robert Leigh (205.886.3775).

Please join us Friday, September 21st from 5:30 - 8:30pm for the opening of the exhibition which will be installed from September 21st through October 14, 2007. On the opening night, Schmid will be present for conversation and dialogue.
Text By: Dawn Russell

GretchenSchmidForWeb2.jpgGretchen Schmid,
Self-Portrait (2006) oil on canvas

GretchenSchmidForWeb1.jpgGretchen Schmid,
Marsh Mallow (2007) oil on board

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