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Charlene Peavey | New Works

This month The Exner Gallery will take a dramatic shift into the staged world of Charlene Peavey’s photography. As part of the Artists Series which began in May of this year, Peavey is a resident artist in the Exner Building. She graduated from the Vermont College of Norwich University where she dove into the world of art under the tutelage of Norman Bloom. Over the years, Peavey has worked primarily in photography and film which is supported by her pre-designed sets that incorporate painting, mixed-media assemblage and collage, and plastic dolls. These interdisciplinary explorations have informed her current, first, one-person exhibition which is comprised of photography and film. The subject matter of her show delves into the difficult reality of domestic encounters. She enacts familial scenarios with plastic dolls like Barbie and Ken against various sets like her endearing 1950’s kitchen (think metal Sunny Suzy range and sink and the frost-free Wolverine Tin Refrigerator complete with swinging door and stocked interior). Peavey is clear that her work is intended to explore the staggering presence of domestic violence in our society. This being said, there is no sense that she is proclaiming the problem, neither is she offering a tidy solution. This suite of photography rendered in rich amber hues and cool blues with casts of sharp shadows are serving up a dose of engendered contemplation – which sometimes lead your thoughts into disturbing territory. This is a necessary step though, given her drive to employ art as a means for personal reflection to promote social inquiry and potential healing.

Please join us Friday, October 19th from 5:30 – 8:30pm for the opening of the exhibition which will be installed from October 19th through November 11th, 2007. On the opening night, Jesse Peters will be playing music and Peavey will be present for conversation and dialogue. Supervision of young children is requested.

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