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Passage | Jewelry & Works on Paper by Dawn Russell

In the final exhibition of The Artists Series hosted by The Exner Gallery Dawn Russell, a resident artist, will present a selection of rings, brooches, necklaces, and earrings from her current body of work. The title of her show, Passage, references the act of one object penetrating another and was first coined to describe the blending between subject and background in the paintings of Paul Cézanne. Russell's unique jewelry embraces this idea by juxtaposing the visual and spatial relationships amongst diverse materials like silk, exotic hardwoods, natural pearls and precious metals. In one series incorporating exotic hardwoods, she meticulously carves the wood into sculptural forms and overlays it with intricately worked metals. In other explorations with fabric, soft, creamy silk pushes forth from a delicately folded silver base to a brooch. The torque pictured below displays a silver flower which is suspended by silk cords. Through her careful handling of material, her jewelry questions the traditional emphasis on the need for gemstones while encouraging the wearer to accept silk and wood as precious in their own right. Russell obtained her Master's Degree of Fine Art from the State University of New York, New Paltz which has one of the longest standing programs in contemporary, conceptual metalsmithing. Here she sharpened her technique while delving into the history of art and craft with an emphasis placed on studying the Bauhaus and Arts and Crafts Movements. The coalescence of skill with thoughtful design is surprising and very exciting. Since the gallery is not staffed on a regular basis, the jewelry will only be available to be seen on Thursday evening, the night of the opening. Images of all the work will be displayed in the gallery for the duration of the show. If you are unable to make the opening, an appointment with the artist can be arranged via email or view the jewelry on her website

Please join us Thursday, November 15th from 6:30 - 8:30pm for a preview of the jewelry. Photographs of the pieces will be installed from November 15th through December 9th, 2007. On the opening night, Russell will be present for conversation and dialogue.




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