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The Gallery at 17

The Gallery at 17 specializes in representing local Vermont and New Hampshire artists in the fields of painting and sculpture. The Gallery at 17 supports local artisans through the sale of their works and the local arts community by donating a portion of each sale to the Rockingham Arts and Museum Project. One of The Gallery at 17's artists is Ted Slaight who works in recycled steel and iron to create whimsical sculptures for in or outdoors.

T e d S l a g h t
Unique and Imaginative Creations in Metal
Ted Slaght was born in New England and has lived in
Vermont since 1946. He has always had a knack for
making things from odd bits and pieces. After retiring,
he decided it was time to play – at least that’s what he
calls it – and so he put the skills that he developed
during his working years into his new, creative
Starting with found bits of scrap iron - a rake, a steering
wheel, an old shovel, almost anything – Ted sets his
imagination free. It usually takes one major find to
inspire a new work. Each piece is unique and each is
signed by the artist.
Ted’s work is inspired by the natural world and a sense
of humor always prevails. So don’t be surprised if you
find yourself smiling back at these whimsical creations.

Contact Geoff Denton for more information and hours.

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