In order to be selected as a resident artist various criteria need to be fulfilled. The most important aspect is whether or not you are a practicing artist. There are many affordable housing options in Vermont, but the Exner Block is unique in that the tenets are all artists (this includes musicians). We practice developing community as a key element to the success of the building. Every year we host two open studio tours which usually happens on Memorial Day and in the Fall. In May of this year over 100 people walked through the various studios and the gallery to see what was happening. We also encourage artists to participate in The Exner Block Community Service program which covers a variety of venues in town (4 hours per month). This can range from contributing to the development of the gallery exhibitions downstairs, to hosting open mics in town, to updating the ramp website (it’s mostly self directed).

From a financial point of view, since our apartments are subject to the affordable housing guidelines, there are income caps to being accepted as well. The rent for the apartments ranges from $350 – $600/month depending upon you income level and the size of your apartment. This includes heat and hot water. Definitive income amounts will be added to the site very soon once we receive the numbers from Northern Community Management Corp.

We look forward to hearing your questions, please check out the application and email Robert McBride with any interest.

Please Note:
The storefronts are not subject to the affordable housing guidelines. So, if you are interested in being involved with the building but cannot meet the guidelines it is always a possibility to rent a storefront (prices $250 – $600 with heat) and live in town.