Sarah Lang of the Southern Vermont Economy Project stops by.


Writer, Lecturer and workshop leader, Elayne Clift talks with Robert. Clift discusses her 13th book, an anthology titled, Take Care: tales, tips and love from women caregivers.


Shanta Lee Gander and Marsha Bard from the Arts Council of Windham County chat with Robert. The work of the Arts Council of Windham County is to strengthen the environment for artists and arts organizations in Windham County by acting as a resource hub for artists while connecting people with the culture of Southern Vermont.


Steve Stettler from the Weston Playhouse talks with Robert Mcbride about upcoming production for the season.


David Stern of Main Street Arts talks about the upcoming Great River Theater Festival running July 6th through July 9th. To find out more please visit


Susan MacNeil stops by to talk about the ever popular Southern Vermont Idol.


Kathy Leo joins Robert to talk about a hospice choir that she is the founder of called Hallowell.


Ray Massucco stops by to talk about the upcoming popular music festival Roots on the River!


Robert is joined by John and Teresa Janiszyn from Pete’s Stand.


Robert is joined by Lisa Ryan from “Field Services Preservation Trust of VT”.


Maria Basescu is the Executive Director of Next Stage.


Robert talks with Laura V. Trieschmann the State Historic Preservation Officer of the Vermont Division for Historic Preservation.


Robert talks with master gardener Alma Beals about her hemlock woolly adelgid surveys


Robert talks with Bianca Zaransky and Matthew Furnell of Greater Falls Community Justice Center.


Robert welcomes Matthew Perry, Ex Director of VT Arts Exchange in North Bennington and Zon Eastes from the Vermont Arts Council.


Robert talks with the Associate Director of Windham Regional Commission, Susan McMahon.


Jazz musicians Ken and Antoinette Rokicki talk with Robert!


Community artist/activator Erin Maile O’Keefe talks about her recent and upcoming projects.


Deb Witkus from Greater Falls Connections and Gina Graciano from Big Brothers Big Sisters.


Greater Falls Warming Shelter mission is to provide a safe, war overnight shelter during the winter months for those in need.


Charlie Hunter talks about his recent Plein Air Workshop.


Roger Sandes and Mary Welch from Artist Great Hall Springfield.


In recognition of the 35th year of the AIDS pandemic and to honor the work of the AIDS Project of Southern Vermont, “A Weekend to Remember and Elegies for Angels, Punks, and Raging Queens.”



Anne Dempsey and Sam Maskell from the Rockingham Free Public Library.


Emilie Kornheiser with Greater Falls Connections and the Bellows Falls Promise Community.


Myra Ashcroft on aging and accessibility.


Christine Bullard from Parks Place Community Resource Center.


Sabrina Smith from Springfield’s Steampunk Festival.


Annie Guyon and Arianna Morton discuss high school trip to Nicaragua, Cuba, and Argentina.


Julie Messervy from Messervy Design Studio.


David Stern from Main Street Arts in Saxtons River.


Ray Massucco talks about Roots on the River.


Deb Carbin from the Greater Falls Regional Chamber of Commerce.


Mark Piepkorn from W00l radio.


Bonnie Anderson from the BF Community Bike Project.


Scott Sharland and Deb Witkus from Greater Falls Connections.


Meg Lucas and Barbi Schreiber from Local Banquet.


Chris Sherwin from Sherwin Art Glass.


Russell Bradbury and Lauren Higbee from Youth Services.


Susan MacNeil and Southern Vermont Idol.


Charlie Hunter and Hunter Studio.


Emilie Kornheiser and the Bellows Falls Promise Community.


Annette Spaulding, Larry Clark, and Robert Smith and Petroglyphs of Vermont.


Andrea Livermore and Patty Dunn from the Brattleboro Hospice.