Dear Friends,

As The Rockingham Arts and Museum Project (RAMP) celebrates its 20th year, it continues to stay mission-focused, promoting the arts as an essential component in the development of our community socially, culturally and economically. RAMP prides itself on creating effective partnerships and devotes a great deal of time to these partnerships. As director of The Rockingham Arts and Museum Project, I have learned that community development is an incremental process. And like a slow-moving glacier, its power to transform is incredible. RAMP has focused on developing significant community-inclusive projects. These projects have been key to the cultural and economic revitalization of downtown Bellows Falls and gained positive visibility, regionally and statewide, a direct reflection of significant community involvement. Some examples:

  • The Exner Block collaboration with Housing Vermont and The Rockingham Area Community Land Trust created ten, affordable live/work spaces for artists and six retail spaces with a focus on the arts.
  • The historic mural project greeting people to the downtown.
  • Public Art Moving Site, initiating a dialogue about art amongst the communities of Bellows Falls, New Haven, CT and Cambridge, MA
  • From Mills to Main Streets linking Bellows Falls with seven other communities along the Connecticut River National Byway through the story of their industrial history.
  • RAMP’s participation by serving on a variety of boards including: The National Trust for Historic Preservation, Preservation Trust of Vermont, Connecticut River National Byway Council, Main Street Arts and Great River Arts

We are asking for your continued commitment to RAMP and its mission, “Art Makes A Difference!” If you have any questions or suggestions, please call me directly: (802) 463-3252 or email me:

Sincerely, Robert McBride, Director